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A Los Angeles filthy house cleanup entails renting a dumpster in some cases. There's tons of debris for removal from a filthy house, then. Sometimes less trash and more dirt and grime needs removal, though.

Do not expect a discussion about cleaning and mopping floors that need "touching up." Likewise, do not expect a discussion about how "so and so" cleans because I do not clean like them. If your house, apartment, condominium, or mobile home has a layer of dust and some clutter, you need to call another Yorba Linda house cleaning company. I have no relationship to those jolly good cleaning ladies with their $60 to $80 per hour rates for two of their kind. They are wonderful, in any case, though.

I clean filthy houses, apartments, condominiums, and the like. I charge accordingly for Yorba Linda's homes and buildings.

  • I'm talking about houses with these sorts of cleaning issues:
  • dirty, greasy walls,
  • dirty, greasy floors,
  • dirty, greasy bathtubs overgrown by mold and mildew,
  • dirty toilets with urine stains,
  • dirty cupboards inside and out,
  • dirty windows,
  • dirty window seals,
  • dirty Venetian blinds,


Here are the keywords that I used for this page:

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These subjects apply to what I do.

I have a biohazard cleanup business, serving Yorba Linda. But, because of our Orange County Coroner Department and Orange County Public Guardian Department, I do not do biohazard cleanup in Yorba Linda; in fact, I don't do any type of biohazard cleanup in Orange County.

Our county government allows county employees to control biohazard cleanup in Yorba Linda, if not the county, then the police department. I imagine that probate administrators, public guardian employees, do so too. I have talked with victims' families over the last 14 years; the dirth of biohazard cleanup work coming my way in Yorba Linda testifies to civil servant malfeasance. As a result, my many web pages for Yorba Linda and Orange County go without visitors.


Because those in need of my services very rarely reach the Internet pages for Yorba Linda biohazard cleanup. County employees direct those families in need of their own biohazard cleanup company, at times. At other times, county employees direct families in need of my cleaning services to companies that pay a 10 percent finder's fee.

A finder's fee, if you did not know, means that someone gets money back for sending a customer to a business. Tow Truck drivers receive a finders fee, at times, by towing vehicles to select garages for repair. Real estate brokers pay friends, relatives, and acquaintances for sending those in search of buying or selling a house a finder's fee, and so on. So, our county employees do the same while supported by our tax dollars. It's nationwide now, and no one but me seems to care.



I charge $160 for 4 hours of work. I pay for all cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment; I get paid in cash. I do not accept checks or credit or debit cards.

Checks take up my time, and then they bounce some times. Cards take up my time, and they cost me money to process on Pay Pal. I could accept checks and cards, but it's not worth the time, effort, and hassle involved for 4 hours work at $160. That's $40 per hour, which corresponds to the lower rate for one of those maid cleaning services.

I'm not one of those maid cleaning services. I clean a dirty house; they don't. I clean what they refuse to see let alone clean. So for $120 you get a lot of bang for the buck.

Why only 4 hours? Because few people can clean to clean any longer with any lasting power to clean. It's a matter of stamina and muscle power. I alternate tasks while cleaning to conserve one set of muscles from becoming too tired for the task at hand; then, I return after resting these muscles while using others.

If, for some reason, you have an overnight cleaning task that must get done, then we need to have another conversation. I have alternatives, but for day-to-day dirty house cleaning in Yorba Linda, I work 4 hours per day and for cash.


Besides the type of house cleaning that I outlined above, I do the unimaginable. Have you ever seen a toilet used by a mentally unstable person over a month, one that won't flush? I have. I've cleaned them out too. Would you believe I have also found that they weren't flushed because they were clogged? I charge $350 to $500 for one toilet in such a condition. People don't like my price. I don't like the work, but I do it.

Blood cleanup falls within my dirty house cleaning services. I clean after homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and decompositions. I even clean after animals left to wander throughout a home without no one cleaning after their nature calls. Please do not expect this service for $120.


Work Guarantee

I guarantee my dirty house cleaning, which means I promise it's as clean as it's going to get in the time allotted. I'd say this is a reasonable guarantee and defined well enough. Wait, though, there's more. If, perhaps, you need to see something cleaner, let me know. I hope to make it cleaner but to a point.

Please don't expect me to clean a carpet for $120. It cannot be done to any type of a reasonable extent. I can do carpet spot cleaning, no problem. I simply need to know that more than vacuuming will take place.

My Price Guarantee for Yorba Linda Residents and Businesses

I guarantee my price by placing in writing via email. I will not change my price upon completion of my 4 hours of house cleaning. I rarely work for fewer than 4 hours, but for Yorba Linda residents, I can do so because I live in Cypress, not so terribly far away.

How I do it -

I work hard, and I sweat a lot. I do not move fast; I move steadily. If I move fast, I'm no longer cleaning; I'm working on appearances, which is what most maids do, appearances, not deep cleaning. I do deep cleaning for dirty house cleanup; there's no other way actually to get the desired results.

There's one exception to deep cleaning, and it's the best exception, cleaning to prep for painting. I call my deep cleaning method. Nothing eliminates bacteria as nicely as a new coat of paint. Leave grease, and your new coat of paint will not remain. Remove grease and dust, and your paint remains. Then again, deep clean just for the sake of getting your home or business clean. (return)


Hoarding cleanup services involve more than a clean and filthy house. Most often, a filthy house will consist of what we call "filth" as well as a significant degree of household trash, and hoarded items.

So, if we were to do an Internet search for filthy house cleaning up, we might use keywords like hoarding, dirty housecleaning, clutter cleanup, home organization. Anyone of these phrases would help narrow down the search, the most likely, "filthy house cleaning" would serve the search needs most quickly. "Dirty house cleaning" would be my second guess.

In most cases, hoarding behavior appears along with a failure to maintain satisfactory cleaning routines and patterns.

If they look to general hoarding behavior, we will find it among humans in the threat of civil unrest, violent revolutions. Or, the risk of a natural disaster will cost some people to hoard food in the water. Other items, such as gasoline and toilet paper, become hoarded.

Many of us will hoard because of anxiety attachment to specific items. For example, some people will hoard books even though there is no possible way they can hope to read these books during their lifetime. In this case, the hoarder hordes because they have attached great value to books and expect to read these books. During a momentary impulse, the impulse to reach out and buy books is not overcome by a moment of overpowering reason. With the invention of the Internet and bookbinding, like that found on Amazon.com Kindle reading devices, according to no longer plays a role in filthy house cleanup.

Often people with drinking and drug use problems will hoard items because they forget which items they bought in the past. This writer, one time, cleaned a filthy house owned by a prominent attorney. The prominent attorney would drink to excess and forget where she stored her food mixer. As a result, she bought new ones and then would forget them. In piles of brand-new items stacked throughout her living room, his filthy house cleanup practitioner found for brand-new food mixers in their original boxes.

So an emotional attachment to items often leads to hoarding. Throwing out an item may give the hoarder a sense of losing a loved one. A sense of loss and nostalgia may apply to some things. Golf clubs, for example, may give the hoarder a moment of pleasurable nostalgia when handling old golf clubs, even though the hoarder can no longer golf.

Houses, apartments, mobile homes, and even recreational vehicles become fire hazards as a result of hoarding behavior. Stacks of newspapers and magazines will clutter hallways, shelves, kitchen cabinets, and floors throughout a house.

At times the hoarder will suffer a terrible injury and become unable to care for themselves. Meanwhile, they still receive items through the mail and are unable to readily dispose of these items. Over time the items begin to crowd out human beings. Pets like cats and dogs will soon urinate and defecate upon the recorded objects. Now a type of clinical distress will set in as the quarter suffers anxiety and grief from their growing sense of failure to control their environment.

Some mental illness conditions will include brain injuries, cerebrovascular diseases, obsessions, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, decreased energy from prescribed medication, diabetes, and other conditions.

Plumbing issues arise that can no longer be corrected because plumbers will not enter the residence. Water may flow from a broken toilet valve, which causes water damage throughout one or more rooms. Mold may set in in those states throughout the region prone to heavy rain and snow.

Often, by the time the hoarder calls for help, damage may have occurred to the structure of their building. Tons of "garbage" will have hindered free movement throughout the dwelling place. Filthy house cleaning companies will charge exorbitant amounts of money to "clean" the hoarder's premises.


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Orange County filthy house cleanup added on February 15, 2020.